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We demand justice.
We stand with survivors.

The Alliance of Genocide Victim Communities (AGVC) is dedicated to preventing and ending genocide through a multifaceted approach that includes awareness raising, advocacy, justice and accountability, education, and evidence collection and documentation.

We envision a world where genocide is no longer a threat, and where all people can live in peace, dignity, and freedom.

To achieve our goals, we will:


Raise awareness about the reality and consequences of genocide, and the urgent need to prevent and respond to it.


Hold perpetrators of genocide accountable for their crimes, and seek justice for victims and survivors.


Educate the public about the history and dynamics of genocide, and empower individuals and communities to take action to prevent it.


Celebrate the ongoing existence of every genocide victim community’s people and culture. 


Advocate for coherent and consistent human rights policies in Canada, and work with policymakers to ensure that human rights are protected and promoted both domestically and internationally.


Work to prevent genocide by identifying and addressing the root causes of violence and discrimination, and promoting tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity.


Collect and document evidence of genocide, and use this evidence to support legal proceedings, advocacy efforts, and public awareness campaigns.

The Alliance of Genocide Victim Communities is committed to building a strong, diverse, peaceful and inclusive movement to prevent and end genocide and to ensure that the voices of survivors and victims are heard and respected. 



AGVC 2024 Press Conference


accepting signatures from residents and citizens of Canada until May 22nd 2024

We urge you to sign the petition demanding action against the gross violations of human rights inflicted upon Rwandans, Hazaras, Tibetans, Tigrayans, Uyghurs, and Tamils.


By signing, we call upon the House of Commons to impose consistent sanctions on foreign nationals responsible for these atrocities and to conduct a thorough review of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, rectifying any issues hindering its effective use against war criminals and criminals against humanity.


Additionally, we appeal for the resettlement of genocide victims from the Uyghur, Tigrayan, Hazara, Tibetan, Rwandan, and Tamil communities to Canada, offering them a safe haven from the violence and persecution they have endured.

Together, let us take a stand against heinous acts, bring attention to marginalized communities and strive for a better future. Sign our petition today and join us in demanding change.

Voices for Justice
Empowering Change to Remember, Condem and Prevent Genocide
April 17th 2024


Assessing the PRC's Assimilation Policies in Tibet

Ibuka Canada's launch 

Opening day ceremony of the 

third parliament’s tenth direct session 

of the 

Transnational Government of Tamileelam

Allies Combating Uyghur Forced Labour 

International Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

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